Vaseline – The Miracle Cure (as seen on C4)

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Well, who would’ve thought it? Vaseline – the most basic, cheap beauty product happens to double up as an acne cure!

I will be appearing on the Channel 4 show Health Freaks talking all about this home remedy on 28th October, so be sure to watch it :)

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I’ve been suffering from hormonal acne for weeks now since coming off Yasmin. It’s been so upsetting I’ve contemplating going back on the pill, but I feel so much better health-wise that it’s just not worth it.

Unfortunately, the Liz Earle range I recently tested brought me out in inflammed pimples. My contacts there were so considerate and helpful though and advised me what to do to help my skin and understand which of their products was having this effect.

I stopped all Liz Earle products and planned to wash my face with cold water and a muslin cloth and nothing else. Until I discovered Vaseline; a few forums had talked about removing make-up using Vaseline and cotton wool pads – nothing else. I wasn’t sure at first; your gut reaction is that Vaseline is oily and would only worsen the spots I had. I was so desperate though, I thought i’d give it a go. So, off to the bathroom we went…

I scooped a good dollop of Vaseline and rubbed between my fingertips, then started to massage onto dry skin over my make-up. It felt kind of relaxing and I think the massaging effect soothed the sore skin too. After a good rub, I used two cotton wool pads and gently wiped the make-up off my face. In total, it took 3 goes at this before my skin was squeaky clean. This is because the make-up I wear is meant to last hours and I wanted to make sure that not one ounce of dirt was left on my face.

My skin felt amazing straight away…everyone agreed! My skin felt really moisturised but not at all greasy. The fine lines I had on my forehead and under my eyes were also immediately less prominent. And more importantly, the pimples seemed calmer.

I’m about 2 weeks into this new routine, and although I still have two or three spots, it’s nothing in comparison to what I had before.

I’d recommend this skincare routine to you all to try! A huge tub cost me just over £1 in Boots. It’s also great for the night’s where you’re too tired to remove your make-up, because all you need do is sit in bed, smoother your face in Vaseline and wipe it off. Done.

Try this little beauty secret today! Oh, and Vaseline…you should promote this more; I am amazed at the results x

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