Tweezerman Skincare Tool

Tweezerman tool

I’m an absolute bugger for squeezing my spots! I know I shouldn’t, and feel bad when doing so, but just can’t help myself!

My skin has broke out ridiculously since coming off the pill, so whilst it tries to settle down I have purhased a Tweezerman skincare tool to help me take care of the spots in a kinder way!

I saw this tool in Boots for £8 and was very intrigued! There wasn’t very much information on the back of the packet or online when I Googled it at home, so I wasn’t sure whether to purchase it or not. Anyway, a few days went by and I realised I had £10 or so on my advantage card so thought I’d use the points to pay for this little treat!

This is fantastic! If you suffer from spots, be it occassionally or everyday, this is perfect and something you should all own! Great for blackheads (which I don’t suffer from but tested on boyf!) and whiteheads too. You simply press the tool over the pimple and ‘pop’ out she comes! Yes, it’s disgusting I know, but this tool needs shouting about! The only thing to remember is to keep it super clean otherwise you will spread the nasties. I dunk mine in alcohol solution after each use; but good old hot soapy water will also do the trick.

It doesn’t damage the skin, and from what I have found over the last few days it heals the spots much quicker. It must really grab all the grub and leave you spotless!

Try it today…I promise you will never look back!

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  1. Georgie
    October 4, 2010 at 5:30 pm (8 years ago)

    I have never heard of or seen anything like this! Will defo be buying one this week thanks!


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