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There are sooooo many new products, colours and textures of make-up on the market it’s hard to choose what to go for. Obviously, it is advisable to choose colours which suit your hair and eye colour and skin tone, but there’s surely one of the below colour trends to suit…

Orange lipstick and nails

I’ve always loved orange shades; whether it’s painted on my lounge wall or brightening my nails. So I was glad to see it spring into fashion in 2013. There are now so many variations of the shade out there, there is defo a shade to suit you whatever your tone. But, if you don’t feel brave enough play it cool with an orange polish. You will be amazed at how many outfits and colours it actually matches and compliments. My fave nail colour are the oranges by Bio Sculpture gel and Models Own.

Longwear Pearly Eyeshadows

Early this year, I discovered the Chanel long lasting eyeshadows and wonder what I did without them! I have the nude pink which is great for everyday; the black for creating melt-proof smokey eyes on a night out and the most on trend of all…pearly white. The white for me can be a bit overpowering, so after much faffing around I discovered that this is best suited to me with simply dotted in the inner corners of the eyes with a gentle line of eyeliner and tons of mascara. There are many other brands out there, but you will not be disappointed with this and it lasts forever.

Peach & Apricot Blushes

I just love gel based or stained blushes as I want them to last all day and into the evening, so was very pleased when Benefit launched an apricot version – Cha Cha Chint. You can strengthen the colour if preferred, or keep it pale by just applying a dot on each cheek and blending. If you prefer powder blushes, Revlon do two or three peachy toned blushes that look beautiful and have buildable colour.

Brown Gel Eyeliners

Having worn eyeliner everyday for the last 10+ years, I always try the new forumla’s and colours, but have to say brown is the new black for me and even though my hair/lashes/brows are naturally black, the brown does suit me better. I love gel formula eyeshadows as they glide on so smoothly and for me last much longer. The brushes also allow for much more precise lines and I have even started venturing into a little ‘eye art’!

Stained Lips

Practically every brand has a stained lip product on the market at the moment. I have tried them all but the Maybelline one for me is the most natural and long lasting. Having said that, there is a lovely orange/nude Rimmel shade which is nice and I found a great pink one by Primark last week for only £1.50!


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