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After many attempts to gain glowing, clear skin I think I have finally found the right products to achieve this!

Back in summer 2012, I switched back to Origins which I used from 2005-2009, and got great results as you can see here: Then I started getting bad skin again, maybe stress, maybe testing so many different make-up products who knows – but I did the usual thing of trying many different ranges. I started with Estee Lauder but after a number of weeks I started getting bumps and spots, so I panicked and moved on to ProActiv which worked a treat and then ran out! Then I found a rose and glycerin face wash which was lovely….then ran out! Basically, for months I have been trying and messing with many products to remove my make-up each day!


On my birthday this year (Feb, 8th) I met with Chloe from Origins as she wanted to talk to me about their new Plantscription range. We ate a lovely lunch at Harvey Nichols Leeds and spent the first half hour having a good old gossip before getting down to business. I explained my skin complaints and that at the slightest change of product or emotion I appeared to develop breakouts which resulted in me using more and more spot treatments in panic to get rid of them.


Chloe presented me with the new Plantscription moisturiser, eye cream and treatment lotion. The whole range is aimed at those starting to see wrinkles and lines and is supposed to be the ultimate in anti-aging treatments. At first, I was unenthusiastic as even though at 32 I am seeing fine lines under the eyes, it is not my main concern at all. I had a little try of the products on the back of my hand and loved both the textures and the scent.


That evening I removed my make-up with Origins Clean Energy cleansing oil which is just fantastic at removing all make-up including waterproof mascara and eyeliner and smells divine. I followed with the Plantscription treatment lotion which is like a cleansing milk yet is promoted as a toner. I applied a few drops to a cotton wool pad and smoothed it over my entire face and neck; it left my face feeling super clean and energised. I then followed with the moisturiser (note: even though I have acne prone skin, I do not use the oil free formula). I use about as much as a 5p piece and rub into my fingers before massaging thoroughly into my face and neck. To finish, I tapped a  tiny amount of the eye cream gently under each eye. I followed this strict routine morning and night with no use of any other products, medication or light treatments.


After 3 days, I noticed that all red marks from blemishes developed over recent weeks were disappearing fast and my skin overall just looked fresh and clear. I was obviously very happy yet confused as these products aren’t targeted for spots and blemishes. It has now been one month since I started using this routine morning and night, and in the entire time I have only had two spots of which appeared and vanished within 2-3 days and didn’t require much concealing as they had historically. The overall look of my skin seems plumper and the small lines that were starting to get noticable under my eyes were no longer present with my make-up on. My cheeks appear to have a natural rosy glow to them now also – overall I am in love with this range and am so pleased Chloe brought the samples along with her as I genuienly would never have purchased these products as they are anti-aging which as I say, is not a major concern for me.


I contacted Chloe to tell her how delighted and baffled I was! Chloe spoke to the Origins Education Expert Bev who explained “I think that it’s due to the Raspberry Plant Stem Cells. They have the ability to repair cellular damage and extend the life of a healthy cell. The product is in no way targeted to acne or blemished skin but is highly regenerative which may be the reason why it has had such a positive effect on Sarah’s skin.”


So, there you have it – from all the ingrediants I have researched for acne prone skin, raspberry has never come up but this is a little saviour! The treatment lotion I think makes a huge difference along with the moisturiser; which has key ingrediants of Jasmine Flowers, soothing Caffeine and calming Aloe Leaf. I would love to try the cleanser next so I am using the entire range….I shall add to my shopping list!


I urge anyone wanting better skin to try this range – if it seems too much to fork out on, pop to your nearest Origins counter and chat with the assistant there; I am sure they will pop a few days worth of products into sample pots to try and you will be as amazed with them as I am!


Enjoy x




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