The ONLY Hair Oil you will need

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment. L’Anza is my fave haircare brand and when my budget will stretch, I choose the Healing Strength range which strengthens and provides volume like no other.

The product comes in a glass bottle which contains 100ml and looks very luxurious. The bottle isn’t so much travel friendly, but I always take plastic travel bottles with me whenever I go away and this can be easily dispensed into one of those. The first thing I noticed and loved was the scent. I have never smelt anything so delicious and strong! This is the only hair oil that keeps your hair smelling clean and feminine until the next time you wash it. It is hard to describe the smell but it does remind me a little of Monoï Oil. The ingrediants include; Abyssinian Flower Oil, Coffee Seed Oil, Acai Fruit Oil and Babassu Kernel Oil.

The first time I used this I placed a 10p coin sized amount in my hands, rubbed together and smoothed from half way down my hair, rubbing into the ends. This was a little too much for me, as although it didn’t appear greasy, my hair felt a bit weighed down. I tried it the next day using half that amount and found it was perfect.

It smoothes my hair and seems to close the cuticles meaning my split ends seem to just disappear! My hair is made incredibly shiny. The oil is rapidly absorbed by my hair which I love, as other hair oils I have tried simply seem to just sit there on the hair surface which ends up looking greasy.

I use hair tools every day, so my hair at the end just look a little damaged. But as I am always in a rush in a morning, I do forget to use hair protectant sprays (maybe also due to the fact that I have never found one that doesn’t make my hair sticky or hard). That’s why I love this oil -  it provides a great UV and heat protection without changing the hair texture in a way that may alter my styling.

One other thing I have noticed is that when applied to wet hair, it takes me less time to blow dry it! It has also made a difference in these cold, rainy months in keeping the moisturein my hair – meaning less frizz.

My absolute fave thing about this product however (apart from the stunning smell of it!) is the fact that it somehow gives my hair loads of natural volume. Whether I leave my hair to dry naturally to create subtle waves, or blow dry into a style the volume increases quite noticably meaning less products for me to add to my styling routine which is great. I think this oil is perfect when applied to wet hair and left to work whilst the hair dries naturally; I get the most gorgeous natural wavses. If I don’t have time in a morning to let my hair dry naturally, I apply the oil, blow dry, then use a curling wand to get big waves. I then add a teeny weeny bit more oil to my hands and run my fingers through the ends – it really keeps the style into the night too.

Such a wonder product!

There are so many uses for this oil. Here are a few tips I use at the moment:

  • After applying to your hair, you will have oil residue on your hands still. Rather than wash this away or rub off onto a towel, I smooth into dry areas such as feet and elbows.
  • For an intensive treatment, massage it into your scalp before bed, leave overnight and wash your hair as normal the next day. The shine and condition looks like hair extensions it’s that good!
  • If your hair and body feel dry, add one small drop to a running bath. The scent will relax you and you will be moisturised from head to toe!
  • Rub the oil into your hands until the oil feels slightly warm – I don’t know why, but this delivers the best results for me.
  • If you feel you have used too much, apply some dry shampoo to absorb the oil and when you next wash your hair, wash it with shampoo twice then only a little conditioner.

The oil retails at around £30 but will last you at least 12 months if using daily, as you only need the tinest drop to achieve amaze results.

If you want to find out a bit more about L’Anza you can visit their website here.

Have you tried this? What’s your fave oil?


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