Testing Your Shades

Testing foundation shades

We all know how difficult it can be finding the right foundation shade, right? And don’t you find that when you do you tend to stick to it for years?! Well, I have. I use two Revlon colorstay foundations and have done for a loooong time! Switching and mixing between the two dependant on the time of year and whether I have a tan or not.

After recently visiting the MAC counter at Harvey Nichols, Leeds I discovered I am a NW20 which is opposite to what I thought I was (warm tone).

You can see that the MAC shade on the image above has a slightly warmer feel to it, but is almost a mix of the two – so I don’t feel I have been too far away from the perfect shade.

My advice to you when choosing your base, is to speak to an expert – go to a MAC counter or make-up assistant in your nearest Boots. I tried the colours on the back of my hand, which is a good place to start, but the colour here is so different to your face; don’t base your decision on that alone. Once you’ve found a shade you are reasonably comfortable with, place a streak on your jaw line heading towards your neck. The pefect shade will blend in perfectly. I’d then recommend you take a mirror compact and check the shade out in natural daylight – you will be so suprised at how different the colour looks compared to artificial light.

Take a photo of the colours you are wearing using your iPhone and see which you feel looks most natural there, if you are finding it difficult using a mirror.

Good luck….if you do want any advice in the meantime, please ask and I will be happy to help xoxo

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