Six Sultry Shades from Models Own

Since way before Christmas, I’ve been dying to get my paws on six new shades of nail polish from Models Own. The wintery, sexy colours are: Grace Green, Purple Ash, Becca’s Brown, Purple Grey, Pray and Nude Beige.

They are the most luscious shades i’ve seen at a very affordable £20 per set. The green is the most unusual and I have not seen any other colour on the high street like this; it will be perfect with dark denim jeans and camel winter knits and lightly tanned skin. The other colours are subtle shades of greige, brown, purple and grey and all compliment an array of skintones from palest of pale to tanned or black skins.

These are the fashion must have nails for beginning of 2011. They compliment all the styles seen in Look magazine and

Try these today girls! They last days and days, are shiny, unique and always gain comments from admirers.

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