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I was kindly invited to the launch of the new Shu Uemura brow bar in Selfridges, Manchester this month. As I over plucked my eyebrows well over 10 years ago, to which they have never grown back, I was keen to attend and try out their new brow styling service.

Shu Uemura, a legendary Japanese cosmetics creator, has become more and more popular in the UK over the years. His classic cleansing oil famously  used by Marylyn Monroe and is loved by many, and the new UV underbase mousse is becoming a favourite with many beauty bloggers (more on that later).

I arrived at Selfridges, Manchester which is a beauty bloggers dream! and was welcome by the lovely lady who was to talk me through their new offering. I explained how I had over plucked years ago and longed for full brows which just isn’t happening. She asked me why I wanted that and I showed her how the gap between my brows and my eyelids was quite large, and when tired (most of the time!) that gap seems to swell somewhat and overhang my lashes – therefore I like my brows shaped well with squared beginnings and high arches. The lady explained how I can achieve an arched, structured look with the thin brows I have…a little nervous, I put all my trust in her and so she began.

Historically, I have had my eyebrows waxed, threaded and dyed (also known as HD Brows) which is something this service steers clear of. The process started with lots of precise measuring. Although, I knew how to measure it was great for me to have someone else do this for me…especially as it transpired that I had measured incorrectly!

Although there is a current ideal brow shape at the moment, what I have found since this experience is that the stencils beauticians use and the guides that come with brow kits are one size fits all; yet each eyebrow should be based on an individuals face and their own unique features.

The measurement goes a little like this…using an eye pencil, draw dots in the following places:

A) Directly inline with your nose (beginning of the brow)

B) Starting from your nose, line up to the centre of your pupil (where the arch should be)

C) Again, from your nose, line up past the corner of your eye (where the brow should end)

Good eyebrows are the first step to a beautiful face.  -- Don't forget evenly spaced eyes.  Not too close set or too far apart.  Next an oval face shape with a beautiful nose and full lipss.  If you don't have all these, just work hard with what you have starting with eyebrows.  This is why we are on Pinterest.

This process was fascinating to me as I have been placing the arch in the wrong area for years! I had been drawing it in between points B and C! The lady showed me where my natural arch was and I could see it was where there were many small hairs that had been left over the years. She explained how to gain that arch and create the strong structure I wanted, she needed to pluck ALOT underneath that arch. I got a little apprehensive as I was stating how I definitely didn’t want thinner brows, but she assured me it would work for me. So I let her :)

This is where the experience differed so much to what everyone else is doing right now. No waxing, no threading, no dying. Simply lots of trimming and a bit of plucking! She combed by eyebrows up then trimmed them to be shaped to the dots we had drawn on above the brow. There was no trimming underneath….all above and on the edges. Then she plucked the few stray ones underneath. Completely painless and quite relaxing.

The results shocked me! My brows were much thinner which I didn’t like at first sight, but then I looked at them from a distance and saw how my new arch really did lift my eye area :)

Finally, the lady used a dark brown eyebrow pencil to drawn the brow in which again was a different technique to what I have done over the last few years. I have tended to get an eyebrow stencil and powder a brow shape on. Whilst this looked good I could now see that it was unnatural.

I’m very happy with my new brows and a few weeks in I have maintained my arch and have mastered the new shape :)

The Tokyo Brow Station service is available in Selfridges stores, and this eyebrow styling service takes around 15 minutes for £15. Well worth every penny!





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