Revlon Colorstay Matte Complexion

Revlon Colorstay

I first started using Revlon colorstay when I was about 16 – over 13 years ago. There wasn’t half as many foundations to choose from as there are now, and it was the only one I could find in Boots that offered a full coverage. I wanted something to cover my blemishes as I was going through a spotty phase at school/college. I also wanted a foundation that didn’t transfer onto my school blouse as that would be rather embarrassing!

From the moment I first applied this all those years ago, I loved the texture and was amazed at the full coverage – it really does hide dark circles and dark blemishes. This foundation would last me the day at school and throughout my college years and I didn’t move away from it until my early twenties. It was then that I started working full time and seeing the financial benefits, so I visited Space NK in Leeds one Saturday and tested a few foundations available there. I bought, and became hooked, on the Laura Mercier range. I used the oil free version in Vanilla Beige (a colour which still suits me to this day). As I’ve recently bought my own property, my money is less available to spend on such luxuries (£28 for the primer, £30 for the foundation and £25 for the setting powder) so I thought I would re-visit my local Boots to look for the Revlon Colorstay foundation.

There were over 6 more colours to choose from now and I found the perfect one (firstly test on the back of your hand, then if it looks similar test on your neck – the colour that suits you best will be the one which blends seamlessly). This foundation took me through my twenties and is still my main foundation. I have tried a few high street and higher branded foundations but nothing gives me the full, non-transferable coverage as Revlon does.

A year or so ago, when I popped to Boots to stock up (always good to take advantage of their 3 for 2 offers meaning you can get 3 foundations for £24) I saw they also launched a version of this foundation aimed at dry skin – perfect as my skin is very dry and I previously applied lashings of moisturiser before the foundation. You would think the coverage and staying power would be reduced as it contains added moisture, but really it doesn’t.

My skin has been a complete mash-up of tight, dryness coupled with tonnes of spots in the last few months – like nothing I’ve had before. This will be due to the fact that I’ve come off the pill; rubbish, but worth it compared to the headaches and bad health I had on Yasmin.

I’ve also started using Liz Earle skincare in the last week or so though and am already seeing a vast improvement.

I will create a tutorial on the Colorstay foundation so you can see the difference it makes! All my photos and videos are taken with Revlon Colorstay foundation on. I use the type for dry skin and mix a few shades as I tend to change every single day dependant on how tired I am (paler) and if I’ve applied fake tan (brighter). The shades I use, ranging from lightest to darkest, are: fresh beige, medium beige and natural tan.

Last week, I visited Boots to stock up as they had a 3 for 2 offer available. I bought the new Fresh Beige shade as I am fairly pale at the moment, but trying to rock the no tan look! I also purchased the Colorstay powder in Medium. Wow. I should’ve tried this before! This compliments the dry skin foundation perfectly. I don’t use the sponge (although this is good for touch ups throughout the day); I tend to use a large powder brush and lightly dust this all over my face once my foundation has dried. This seems to set it even better!

TIP: If you want your blusher to last longer, apply as so…Colorstay foundation, blusher, Colorstay powder, blusher, Colorstay powder. This ‘locks’ the colours in and will last over 12 hours easy :-)

When it came to the third (free) product from Revlon, I was torn. I usually buy two foundations, sometimes three, but wanted to venture out a bit! I know their nail polish have a fab solid colour that lasts all week, but I have bought far too many in the last month or so. The mineral lip glosses are another fave of mine, but again was up for something new. Then I found, hiding away at the bottom row of the shop display, new matte finish lipsticks.

I’m more of a lip gloss gal, but keen to adopt the new matte look as we enter the new autumn trend. I am already wearing my nail polishes matte and my complexion is matte too now I have the Colorstay foundation. I like pale, nude colours so when I saw shade 001 in Nude I grabbed it to test on the back of my hand. It was a gorgeous, peachy nude which was very pale indeed.It feels so smooth – like a moisturiser – perfect for when my lips get dry in the cold weather! It feels like it’s taking care of your lips, which is very unlike a matte lipstick as others I have tried have dried my lips out immensely. It typically lasts around three hours so has good staying power too!

Why not try this look for yourself? I promise this will be huge this autumn….

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