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Hey ladies,I get quite a number of emails sent to me which I reply to in order to help you with any beauty or skincare queries you have. I’d like to start sharing these with you all on my blog each month.

As the cold has now truly hit the UK and lots of us are suffering with dry skin, I thought moisturiser would be a good place to start! Enjoy…


Hi Sarah,

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and your make up tips are always fab. I was hoping you might be able to help with something.

I’ve been trying for ages to find the perfect moisturiser. I’m starting to get a bit concerned by fine lines appearing on my forehead and in between my eyebrows, so want something anti-aging to combat this. But the problem is I suffer quite badly from spots around my jawline, and so many moisturisers just make this worse. I know you’ll appreciate what I mean as I’ve read on your blog that you have similar problems with your skin.

A lot of my friends use Clarins or Clinique but they’ve caused spots for me in the past. I noticed that you recently tired HealGel. Is this worth a try do you think, or can you recommend anything better? I know it helped with your spots but did it seem as if it may benefit fine lines too?

I appreciate that you must be really busy but if you can help at all I’d be really grateful: it’s just so easy to spend lots of money on moisturisers that just make your skin worse and don’t work!

Thanks so much,




Hi Hannah,

Thank you so much for your email. I love to help where I can because I have spent many years, before the likes of social media came along to help, testing products and searching for the right items.

Moisturiser, I think, is one of the trickiest purchases if you have sensitive or problem skin like I do. When visiting counters or reading the labels, there tends to be common skincare types (dry, oily, combination) of which I am none of those so it’s difficult to choose what is right!

I have tried many brands including; Clinique, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Benefit, Origins, Elemis, Nivea, Bobbi Brown, Lancôme and none of these have made a difference unfortunately – and if anything, made my skin worse.

There are however, 5 moisturisers that make my skin look and feel so clear and soft. They range from £1.30 – £65 and each having varying properties, so I have detailed them below for you so you can decide which is right for your skin and your budget.

Why I love it
Best for
Nivea Crème Tin £1.30 You can keep it in your handbag and apply over makeup if your skin feels really dry. When your skin needs rich moisture. I like to apply it once a week overnight. Great for under the eyes too.
Eve Lom TLC Radiance Cream £45.00 Pure luxury! My skin looks refreshed and nourished the next day and dry patches just disappear! The smell is beautiful and texture just right; thick but not too hard to massage in. When you want to treat yourself! If I had the money I would use this daily. If my fine lines look obvious, one use of this makes them just melt away!
Oilatum Natural Face Repair £7.65 It’s like a cheaper version of the Eve Lom product. My go to moisturiser everyday. Balancing dry skin and spots so the complexion is as one. Amazing used as a primer and keeps my makeup put for hours and hours.
Guerlain Midnight Secret £65.00 The scent (roses), the texture (light, serum like) and the results! Makes me look refreshed on a morning when applied overnight even on a few hours sleep! If you are tired and run down. This claims to reduce all signs of fatigue – and it works!
HealGel Face £48.00 My spots have disappeared and any new ones last 1-2 days now! Everything! Its made my complexion clear, less marks, less lines and radiant :)

I really hope this helps hon :)

SLStevo x

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