Q Women’s Body Spray Review

As I was casually browsing the isles of my local Boots one Saturday, I came across a fancy looking product I hadn’t seen before. Meet ‘Q’ - A Women’s Body Spray Collection.

Priced at just over £2, I popped one into my shopping basket. I opted for the fragrance named ‘Radiance’ as it contained some of my favourite scents including rose and orchid.

I sprayed this onto my scarf the moment I got into my car and loved it! It smelt so lady-like yet not old fashioned as some rose scents often do. Pleased with my find, I informed the brand of my happiness and was then offered the range to test.

Having had all 3 sprays for a number of months now, I can say I am an addict. The cans seem to be everlasting as they are nowhere near finished and I use them daily.

Here’s an outline of the fragrances available as described by Q:

Awe – ‘A fresh and citrus based scent, with a floral aroma opening and top notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon, which is followed by a green tea accord. The floral heart of this light spray is dominated by a summer freesia bouquet and supported by a rich smooth background of cedarwood, amber and musk

Radiance – ‘A modern and sophisticated floral fragrance, with top notes of champaka flower, mandarin and ivy, which leads into a heart of rose, violet and exotic orchid. The base consists of wild plum and blackberry musk.’

Balance – ‘A fruity, floral fragrance which is bright and flirtatious, opening with radiant bergamot and pear blossom, the romantic heart is conveyed with pink peony, stargazer rose and luminous orchid, on a sensual base of forbidden woods and crème de musk.

Radiance is still my favourite as it’s just my kind of scent, but I also love ‘Balance’ on occasions as it’s such an unusual, enchanting scent.

What I love about these sprays, is that they leave you fresh all day into the evening. I apply my deodorant as usual then tend to lightly mist this all over my body before getting dressed. The scent lasts well, but I like to ‘top up’ around lunchtime.

Given the ingredients, packaging and outcome of the product, I would expect a much higher value applied to it. For £2.29 its a must for your handbag this Spring :)

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  1. anita
    April 11, 2014 at 10:00 pm (4 years ago)

    lovely review – I did a review on radiance a while back but wasn’t too fond of the scent.

    ps. love the new blog design :) x

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita


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