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Engineering Services
Product Development and Design
Diversified Engineering is the engineering and design partner of Diversified Manufacturing and Services, LLC. Founded in 1989, they offer contract product development and design including hardware and software development for electronic products. Their diverse background includes experience in a variety of disciplines. DE has extensive experience with all families of PIC microcontrollers and has been rated by Microchip as the #1 Gold Consultant 4 years in a row and is certified by Microchip as specialists for Medical Devices and Lighting.

Diversified Engineering can start from your product concept or specifications and provide complete engineering design and development services. After documentation approval, they can proceed to the prototyping phase to provide functional prototype boards for approval and a final product to your specifications.
Often on existing PC board designs, components become obsolete. If a design needs to be updated or reverse engineered, Diversified Manufacturing can take your PCB, schematic and mechanical requirements to layout a PC board to fit your needs.

Diversified is presently using Altium Designer, OrCAD 10.5 and PCAD 8.7 for all schematic capture and PCB layout.
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