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So, as you all know by now I have been experiencing problem skin for about 2 years now. I go through phases where it can be clear for weeks but then have a bout of trouble where I can’t find a clear patch on my face :( I found the Pro-Active range worked well but occasionally couldn’t use the moisturiser (too drying) and the toner ran out after a matter of weeks. I moved on to Estee Lauder, which helped for a week or so then broke me out, then more recently tried the Bobbi Brown Extra range which has erupted my skin like nothing ever before.


Feeling a bit down and out about it, given I am 31 and really should have calm skin by now! I wandered to my closest Origins counter as I recalled having great skin when using their Checks & Balances foaming face wash.

The lady was really helpful and sat me down with a skin consultation showing me all products and why certain ones would be good or bad for me. I really enjoyed hearing all about the different products on offer – classic and new – and trying them was all part of the experience for me.

After purchasing a number of products and trying them over the last week or so, I have seen a vast improvement to my skin and actually look forward to taking my make-up off at the end of the day now. Here’s a brief overview of the products I am loving and why:


Checks & Balances Foaming Wash (£17)

This is the best foaming face wash I have ever tried and I do wonder why it isn’t a constant in my skincare routine. Adding a small 5p piece worth of wash to damp skin results in luxurious, minty fragranced foam that for me feels like it is really deep cleansing. With other washes I tend to need to wash my face twice; once to take my make-up off and again to actually cleanse – but there is no need for this with Checks & Balances which is great. My skin is left squeaky clean and refreshed without feeling tight.

Clean Energy Cleansing Oil (£17)

This is a new product for me, and I have taken to using this in the evening now to remove make-up and the Checks & Balances in a morning to freshen up. My skin had broken out with soooo many bumps and spots after the Bobbi Brown range, I really didn’t know what to do. I was nervous about using oil as I associate oil with oiliness and spots, but this really isn’t the case. The oil is packed full of natural ingredients such as olive oil, sesame oil, sage oil, lemon oil, orange oil, lavender oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and rosemary oil which are all non-comedogenic (meaning they won’t clog your pores, leading to spots). The scent is so invigorating, the application feels like such a treat – and at £17 I think it’s great value for money as I know this bottle will last months and months as you only need the tiniest drop of oil for your whole face and neck. After you have massaged this all over dry skin, you can either remove with cotton wool pads or wash off – I like to add water (which produces a milky consistency) then flannel off with warm water. My sore, spotty skin instantly felt soothed and nourished and my spots really did appear to heal overnight.

Purifying Tonic (£20)

Now, I’ve never been one for toners as I have found they really dry out my skin. Having said that, for the past 6-8 months I have been using rosewater on an evening which has moisturised my skin and helped clear up blemishes. I was shown this product at the Origins counter and thought it was overpriced I must say. I returned home and carried out a bit of online research and decided to give it a go however. I loved the fact the ingredients were 95% organic and that it was packed with willow bark which is essentially Salicylic acid – the ingredient which makes Pro Active a success. I use this morning and night on a cotton wool pad after cleansing and before moisturising and find it refreshing and skin clearing. A lovely addition to my routine.

Out of Trouble Mask (£19)

This was the first product I grabbed to be fair! The smell and texture is, to me, an exact replica of Eve Lom’s rescue mask which is around £50. The Zinc Oxide and Sulfur help battle your spots, and the calming Camphor help ‘push back’ the ones which are starting to develop which is my fave part of this mask! You apply to clean, dry skin and leave for 10 minutes – although I am naughty and tend to leave longer when my face is a spotty mess like it has been this week! Other masks I have used either bring out more spots or cause irritation to existing ones. This calms everything down and the only way I can describe it, is like I say it pushes the spots back into your skin not out! Marvelous.

High Potency Nit-A-Mins Oil Free Cream (£32)

Now, as far as moisturises go I had stayed clear of them for years as everything I tried has given me spots. Boo. My skin is very dry with a tendency to flake though, so as well as being sensitive and spotty it does need moisture. I read last year about Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream (£7 from Boots) and can NOT believe the results of this, so have been using religiously on a morning only (works as a perfect make-up primer too). For evenings, I do like to fake tan and apply spot creams etc. so I tend to not moisturise. But I remember using my mum’s Nit-A-Mins cream when I lived at home and loving the aromatherapy scent and clear skin results. So, I re-purchased and am already really pleased with the results. I think the large tub is great value for money as I expect it to last all year. There is now an oil-free gel like formula (which is what I purchased) so this is just perfect for my unbalanced skin. You only need a teeny bit too, especially if acne-prone so just dot a little all over your face and neck and massage away before sleepy time. After the busy lifestyle I appear to have developed this cream seems to give me a real boost by the time I awake, no matter how little sleep I have! Try it….you will love it :)

Look out for great offers at your Origins counter and their website as you can usually save yourself a small fortune by buying starter packs.

Have you tried Origins? What is your fave and is there anything you’d recommend I try next?

Sarah x

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