Once you’ve had MAC…

Once you’ve had MAC, you’ll never go back…

Isn’t that what they say?!

Well, for reasons I cannot explain I haven’t tried any MAC products until now. It all started last Sunday when I was filming with Rimmel, and make-up artist Sonia Deveney showed me the Face & Body Foundation in C2. I loved it!

As you’ve seen on my other recent posts, I am going through a very spotty stage with my skin so need full coverage with my foundations. I have been using the Revlon Colorstay range which has been fantastic and lasting all day – it is however drying my skin out slightly; good for spots but not so good for the other areas of my skin.

So, last night I ventured into Harvey Nichols in Leeds City Centre once I’d been to Specsavers (another story!) to speak to a MAC representative. The girl, Naheem, was so helpful and very patient with me! I explained my problem and required solution, and we went through a range of foundations. One of which was the new Prolong Wear in NW20. It had all the right selling points: transfer resistant, long wearing etc but it just didn’t conceal like I wanted it to. I think this will be great for me once my troubled skin has calmed down, but not for now.

I opted for the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, and the Studio Fix powder to compliment it. The packaging was gorgeous, and the quality of both compact and bottle are excellent. When Naheem tried this foundation on me, the blemishes were covered up instantly, yet it still looked really natural. I knew this was the right foundation for me. The only problem I had was the shade…Sonia had recommended to me last week that I was a C2 and I was comfortable with this yet Naheem suggested this was too cool for my natural skin tone. The key difference in one week was that I previously had a spray tan so my colouring was more cool and golden; now I am fair with a slightly pinky undertone which I personally hate! We tried half on one side and half on the other, and although I preferred the C2 to the NW20 I started to wonder if that was because I was used to using such shades and didn’t want to venture into the warm tones! After much chat and testing, I stepped outside away from the artificial light and noticed a huge difference. Although the C2 was a lovely colour it looked orangey on my hand and showed a vast difference between face and neck. I still struggled to go towards the NW20 though because I hadn’t fake tanned for a week and my natural paleness was so obvious and I felt washed out and stark with my naturally black hair – A look I always tried to avoid. However, I have been brave and took the leap to the lighter side.

I applied it at 7am this morning and it is now lunchtime and the coverage is still strong. I may apply a dusting of the Studio Fix powder just to absorb any oils and help freshen the look for the rest of the afternoon. The only negative I have found so far is that when I touch my face (I shouldn’t I know, but do when I am thinking!) it transfers onto my fingers and keyboard! Other than that the coverage is still there and the colour still looks really natural.

Maybe this is a new me….pale & interesting? It’s a hard adjustment as I’m used to being so tanned/olive skinned. Have you had any similar experiences in changing your make up or moving away from tanning? I’d love to hear about it.

Oh and one more thing before I go…I’ve read lots of posts talking about how this has made them break out. Is this the case because I am desperately hoping not!


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