My typical Saturday

Oh how I love my Saturdays! A day where, as a single girl, I can do whatever I want :)

Not every Saturday is the same, but more often than not it will involve coffee, shopping and a hand covered in swatches.

For a truly self indulgent day in Leeds, here’s what I recommend (totally based on what I do of course!)

Lazy morning

More often than not, I have had a super busy week at work which can often mean working late and as the week goes on, I seem to get less and less sleep! So Saturday mornings are all about me catching up on my sleep. I tend to naturally wake up around 9:30am which is a nice extra 2/3 hours more than a weekday. It’s pretty sad I know, but I imagine we all do it, but I instantly reach for my iPhone on the bedside table. I check my emails and all the social channels to see what’s going on in the world, as well as to provide me with inspiration for the day and my blogging. Then I make the most delicious vanilla coffee made by Douwe Egberts. I stick a load of washing in and run myself a luscious bubble bath. For the weekends, I adore Espa bath oils.

Getting ready

I enjoy making up my face every single day, but the weekends allow me to have more time to experiment and try out new products and colours. Usually, I can apply my make-up and blow dry my hair all under 30 mins, but I take about an hour or so on a Saturday morning – mainly faffing!

Heading to town

I just love living 15 minutes from Leeds town centre. I park in the markets car park as I have a handy little mobile app that allows me to park without stressing out about getting back in time to avoid having a ticket – I simply pay at the end of the month for all my parking. I like that end of town best as the contrast between beauty bargains at market stalls and high end purchases at the likes of Space NK and Harvey Nichols, completely fulfills my needs. No matter what the weather, I love the fresh air and exercise of wandering around town; it really lifts my spirits.

Watching & swatching

As I don’t have money to burn, shopping for me is mainly looking at new products, chatting to beauty assistants in the stores and building up a huge collection of swatches on my hands! I take many photos on my phone which I sync to my mac once I return home; again – all for inspiration. I don’t go home empty handed though! I enjoy grabbing bargains in the market and Poundland as the choice now is so immense (watch out for my next post on what I buy in Poundland). If I fancy a treat, I do get myself a luxury product which is usually something by Guerlain or Xen Tan.

I spy clothes

Fashion is a huge part of my life, and I have always enjoyed creating outfits from a very young age. Wandering around town is the perfect location to absorb the culture and gain ideas from the variety of styles and people that I see. As with make-up, I enjoy visiting my favourite clothes stores and trying items on and often taking photos. I tend to spend a lot of money on items such as bags, boots and coats, but for everyday wear I always shop at Primark, Select and Dorothy Perkins as they have the essentials and latest trends usually for under £10 a piece. Most people hate rummaging through these stores but there’s nothing more I enjoy on a Saturday. I often spend around 3 hours in and out of stores, looking at what’s new and constantly thinking of new outfit creations.

Coffee stop

Starbucks is next up, as by this time I am ready for a little more energy! There are many Starbucks in town so it’s easy to grab a Vanilla or Pumpkin Spice latte whenever I’m ready.


I make my way home and absolutely love making myself something yummy to eat. I enjoy naughty food most so it’s usually a creamy curry or a nice steak followed by a hot pudding or lots of chocolate. I am sure all this bad eating will catch up on my one day – but for now I am enjoying it!

And relax

After food, I like to play with my purchases and will often draft ideas for blog posts. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you will see my daily uploads of my purchases. I like to create little collages of my photos collated from the day and create a stash of photos which I will then upload throughout the course of the next week, when I won’t have the time.

Night night 

I’ve never been a party animal (well, maybe a little between 19-25yrs old!) so my Saturday nights in are a joy to me – is that sad?! There’s nothing like putting fresh bedding on and getting snuggled up with Company mag or my fave TV show and having an early night to restore my energy for the week ahead.

Next up, for Sundays, I mix work and pleasure by doing the weekly household chores, food shopping and cleaning with a visit to my amazing parents to share laughter, gossip and food :)

What do you enjoy most about your Saturdays?

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