My online quest with Warehouse

Way back in May 2010 I was wandering around Leeds city centre on a sunny Saturday and thought i’d take a look in Warehouse. This isn’t a shop I usually visit, but as I walked towards the store I saw some lovely, bright colours that tempted me in. I was instantly drawn to a rail of maxi dresses and one in particular … the jungle maxi dress.

There was only one left….a 12, so even though I’m an 8/10 I thought why not try it on. Here’s a piccie of me in the changing room! It looked perfect from the front, but the back was way too big so I needed at least a 10.

I asked the assistant, no luck, so I asked her to check the computer for any UK store, no luck. I went home quite disappointed but determined to get this beautiful dress that made me feel very pretty indeed!

May, June and July passed and still no luck. I searched online and in every Warehouse store I passed! As August slowly approached me, and the York Races where I would be entertaining my clients, I knew I had to do a little bit more somehow.

I started to follow Warehouse on Twitter and joined their Facebook fan page too. I got in touch and told them how I was on the hunt for the Jungle Maxi Dress. They contacted me straight away and started to help me on my quest!

They were so helpful and kept me informed a few times a week on their progress. It felt great having someone else help me but I was getting tense in the last week.

I was contacted via Facebook on the Monday before the Friday race day, saying not to get my hopes too high but I may get some good news on Tuesday! I was excited but I made sure I popped to the shops to get back up accessories for a dress I already had just in case my Jungle Maxi Dress was nowhere to be found.

All was quiet on Tuesday…but then on Wednesday morning I received a call. They had found the last size 10 Jungle Maxi Dress in the UK! Wow! I was so excited. The dress had been really popular and sold out in Warehouse and very quickly (especially the size 8 and 10′s) and had then been placed into the sale items. The helpful girls in customer service, Warehouse, however had tracked down the very last one in Cirencester almost 200 miles away!

I spoke to a girl at the Cirencester store (within House of Fraser) who was so pleasant and helpful. She went so out of her way to help me…including walking to the local Post Office and paying for the dress to be sent to me by next day delivery with her  own money that she would soon after claim on her work expenses…amazing.

Sure enough, the dress arrived at my work on Thursday at 10am in plenty of time for me to try on and get ready for the races on Friday.

I loved it! It fitted me perfectly and I couldn’t wait to get dolled up the next day.

Thank you so much for the effort you took Warehouse staff in helping me find the perfect dress! Here’s me with it on…all I had to do was have a great day at the races – which I did, although I wasn’t so lucky that day!


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