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As much as I love skincare and make-up, my hair is something I cherish so trying new hair products is key to me. Even though I am first to try newly launched shampoos, conditioners and treatments, there are some go to products I reach for time and time again. Here’s a list of my faves that I urge you to try :)

L’Oreal EverSleek Shampoo & Conditioner

When L’Oreal launched these in 2013, I was excited. A non-sulphate cleansing system that promised to be kind to your hair. I instantly reached for the volumising range in a bid to gain fuller hair. The products worked well and made my hair feel super clean and bouncy. I then tried the EverSleek range which is prescribed for dry, fine hair. This range blew me away. It made my hair feel instantly stronger and more nourished without weighing it down. These products are often on 3 for 2 in Boots, so it’s worthwhile experimenting with the treatments they have too. Their hair oil is the best I have tried because it is in spray format meaning you can’t overdose on it. I spray this on wet hair before I blow dry to nourish and protect, and on dry hair when it looks a bit like straw. It’s a miracle.

Adore Hair Dye

When I was going through the stages of trying to get warm tones out of my hair, I was aware that I was dying it at home a little too often, which is very damaging. I stumbled across the Adore brand in Leeds market one Saturday, and for £3 I thought it was worth a shot. The colour range is really strong (over 40 to choose from!) and includes shades of orange, blue, pink and more natural shades like brown and blonde. The texture of this is just like a shampoo and is super easy to apply – no mixing, just straight onto the hair. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse off, and am left with amazingly shiny, well conditioned hair. I see this product as a pick-me-up in between dying as it give a lovely light tone and conditions really well.

Fish Spray Wax

When my hair was really layered years ago, I used various waxes to separate but found them a bit heavy. I then discovered a spray on version by Aveda which I swore by – that has now been discontinued :( I spent a few years trying to find a similar product with no luck, until randomly I found this in Poundland! I use this after styling my hair and apply just like a hairspray, then ruffle my hair with my fingers to give body and movement – it’s great at leaving a natural shine and texturising lightly. I believe you can get this in Boots also.

Bed Head Maxxed Out Hairspray

I like a good hairspray to keep my fringe in shape, but don’t rate 90% of the ones out there. I still don’t know what the fuss is about with Elnette. This spray by Bed Head, TiGi, is a gentle spray rather than a strong aerosol and smells delicious. It’s such a super strong hold but you really can’t tell, and you don’t get any of those awful white flecks as the day fades either. My HG hairspray. I also rate their Creative Genius product which I apply to towel dried hair everyday to achieve a thick, volumised look.

L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Hair Dye

This is the only hair dye I use at home because it leaves your hair so shiny and conditioned. The colours are so natural and it’s so easy to apply you can even do it on a Monday night when you’re shattered! I have a full review on this product here.

Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Mask

The best hair mask out there without question. I apply this once a fortnight after conditioning my hair and sit in the bath for 10 minutes whilst it does it’s magic. It seems to cure all split ends and dryness yet doesn’t leave it weighed down or greasy.

Denman Hairbrush

I use this hairbrush everyday and have done for at least 10 years. It smoothes your hair, detangles easily and is great to style my fringe each morning. It’s just a really good, reliable product that delivers.

Aveda Black Malva Range

This is my favourite luxury product. It doesn’t come cheap, but the quality shows. It smells of cherry and almonds and the fragrance stays on your hair all day long. The Black Malva range brings out cool, ashy tones and discourages the appearance of red or brassy tones so is perfect for my needs. I like to use the conditioner once a month as a treatment and colour refresher, it is the best thing out there but as I say is a little on the steep side. They offer a collection for all hair colours, so make sure you check them out.

Cloud Nine Straightners

After using GHDs all my life, I decided to try Cloud Nine after reading the hype and I have not been disappointed. The C9 touch heats automatically and reaches its operating temperature of 195 instantly, but the thing I love about them is you can control the temperature, so when I come to styling my fringe I can take it right down to 100. When I tested these in Harvey Nichols, the assistant straightened one half of my hair with these and one with GHDs – the difference was so visible…much shinier and with more movement and volume. Amazing.

I hope this has helped and I would love to know what your go-to hair products are x

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  1. Hannah
    March 25, 2014 at 8:06 am (4 years ago)

    There’s this line called Pro Natural’s that is really good for damaged or chemically processed hair because its so gentle and it uses argan oil which is the best thing you can use on your hair. Look them up online and see if you like anything from them like shampoo, conditioner, argan oil for after a shower, hair masks.


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