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Beautiful Brows

During my recent visit to Beauty UK trade show at the NEC Birmingham, I tried and tested the Beautiful Brows semi permanent make up and was so impressed I just had to blog about it!

Whilst the majority of stands at the exhibition where aimed at salon businesses, therefore showcasing salon equipment and products, there were a few brands present who have products available to consumers direct. I was amazed by the domination of eyebrow products there – it seemed like every 5th stand were promoting their products. We know brows were very on trend in 2012, but it seems they continue to be into 2013.

My eyebrows were plucked at the age of 13 and seriously did not grow back no matter what I tried; so since I was in my twenties I have been shaping them with make up. I used Benefits Brow Zings kit for years and years, which I loved. The compact (complete with brushes, tweezers and a mirror) contained a powder and a wax which I found worked really well for me. Then, in the last two years everyone else has followed suit. From high end brands to very cheap and cheerful ones; everyone seems to have an eyebrow kit available. Nothing shifted me away from Benefit (having tried powders, waxes, pencils and felt pens) until I used the Look Beauty kit which was a bargain in Superdrug for £9. What I loved about that kit is that it contained a number of stencils – just what I needed to create the arch I don’t naturally have.

The problem I have been recently facing is the longevity of the product. I find that mid afternoon the powders wear off, leaving patchy brows which is not a great look! So, whilst at the Beauty UK show, I was happy to accept offers of demonstrations on me to see if there was anything better out there. Some of the brands were ridiculously priced (over £50 for a powder and brush) and some really disappointed me in how they applied the product leaving a messy finished look.

photo (6)

I then came across the Beautiful Brows stand; it looked stunning. Amazing branding, set up and a set of four demonstration areas with very friendly beauticians who didn’t pounce on me to try their product like the others did.

The lovely lady asked if I would like to know more about the product, to which of course I said yes! She explained how you get a little set of tweezers, brushes, powder, mirror - just like the Benefit Brow Zings but more luxurious and a better quality. The kit also contains a gorgeous pink toned powder highlighter and 3 very natural stencils (no scouse brow effect!)

The beautician patiently showed me, with a hand held mirror, how to apply using the stencil which was different to how I had previously used stencils. I tended to draw within them using a thin brush trying to keep in the template, yet she showed me that the best application is to get a medium sized fluffy brush and apply the powder back and forth all over the stencil to gain the best effect. This made a huge difference. No powder ‘leaked’ away from the set shape my brow needed to be which was different to others I had tried. The finished look was really natural – not too thick and the arch was the best I have seen, giving the whole area a lift.

The most appealing part of the product to me was the semi permanent aspect. I was of course a little sceptical as I have tried many semi permanent make up products which ironically seemed to last less than normal products. Well, today is Monday and I applied my Beautiful Brows at about 7:40am – it is now 8pm and they look as though I have just applied them. Its amazing! No smudges, no wearing, no gaps – and the colour hasn’t faded one little bit!

photo (7)And of course the kit is beautifully designed and looks great! The powders can also be replaced meaning you don’t need to buy the kit in its entirety again.

I love this product – I know the kit will probably last me until the end of the year too, so a great choice. Highly recommended :)

Sarah x




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