Modern Day Girls need some friction in their lives!

One product I just can’t live without is Origins Modern Friction. When this first launched in 2008, I was already using the Checks & Balances face wash and Perfect World moisturiser and was very pleased with the results. It was when microdermabrasion became very popular on the high street and everyone wanted a share of the limelight.

Origins advertising promised a huge % increase in skin quality; this coupled with the natural ingrediants drove me to purchase the product. It retailed at about £30 which I initially thought was quite expensive but knew it would be better quality than the other cheaper products on offer.

After cleansing, I dried my face and applied the product in a circular motion. It felt creamy and smelt fresh and strong. After a about a minute of massaging the grains started to feel more prominent and I could really tell my skin was being freed of the nasties and flakiness. Just one thing to note at this point: on more than a few occassions, I have managed to get some grains in my eyes – watch out for that; I have never experienced stinging like it! So be careful, especially if you are a contact lens wearer like me.

Once the product dried of, the grains were rubbing off naturally and falling into the sink. I decided I had massaged for long enough! I got a muslin cloth and soaked it in hot water. I then proceeded to rinse / rub the product off. Finished with a splash of cold water and my skin felt like new!

The results were – and always are – amazing. No wonder it’s won awards!

Once you have used this, your skin glows instantly and looks clear and fresh. It brightens and tightens and gives you a superstar glow! If your skin ever feels dull or grubby, this is the perfect solution and highly recommended before a special event or night out.

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