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Yesterday I was lucky enough to enjoy a whole afternoon of relaxation at KoKo Beauty Spa in Huddersfield. I heard about the quality of treatments from and was invited to try out LVL lashes and the new A-Lift facelift treatment.

Living in Leeds, Huddersfield seemed a bit of a trek to me but it actually took me under 40 minutes in the car which is great. I was so impressed by the salon surroundings, treatments and staff that I will definitely be returning – it’s worth the journey for sure.

When I arrived, Kimberley made me feel very welcome and talked through a number of things she wanted to try out with me. The salon is well known for their massages but I was a little apprehensive given one I had a few years ago that actually made me feel worse, not better. Kim managed to convince me though, and I am very glad she did!

I started off at 1pm in a candle lit, relaxing room where I lay on the treatment bed. Kim ensured I was comfortable (not too hot etc.) and provided me with some water. I was instantly at ease. A very light all over massage was then given to me which completely relaxed me. The varying techniques Kim used really impressed me, from light strokes to deep tissue pressure – all very enjoyable and therapeutic.

At approx. 2pm Kim started with an eye treatment. My eyes are looking very tired and stressed of late so I knew this is exactly what I needed! First, Kim removed all make up and completed a very light facial using Decleor (I was nervous about this as my skin is so temperamental but my skin looks glowing and so far no breakouts!!!). Next, my eyes were lightly massaged which was the best experience I have ever had in a beauty salon! I liked how Kim was firm around the eye area as most beauticians I find are scared to touch this area, being very light-handed – Kim’s approach showed me she had confidence and knew what she was doing. My eye area was the exfoliated followed by a mask application. Whilst the mask was on, Kim massaged my arms and hands which was one of my favourite parts of the day.

Next up, was the A-Lift treatment - the non-surgical face lift from Nouveau Beauty Group (click here for more). I had stressed that I didn’t want this as a full facial treatment in case my acne returned afterwards. So, Kim concentrated on my eye area only – and what a difference! My eyes look lifted and revitalised – I am amazed. My eyes were closed the entire time, and I didn’t even notice when this part of the treatment had started as it was so gentle – I thought Kim was still using her fingers! The treatment has nano current technology, which is a constant current meant to re-energise the cells. There were numerous stages within this 30 minute treatment; one of my favourite stages was the firm pressure and lifting technique which was applied over my eyebrows; lifting and pulling the area to activate the cell renewal – it felt great! This is something I will definitely have done again, perhaps before a big event, as it really made an instant difference to my tired eyes.

Finally, at around 3pm, I was taken to another treatment room which was well lit. Now for the part I had been excited for for quite some time! LVL lashes! Historically, I have had my lashes permed but I cannot find a salon anywhere that offers this anymore :( I don’t like false lashes, and having quite thick, long lashes anyway, I sometimes just need a bit of a lift and curl.

If anyone has ever had their eyelashes permed, this is way more relaxing and comfortable in comparison. There are no sticky, awkward rods to be applied and you cant feel a thing! Shields were applied around my lashes (I couldn’t feel them one bit!) and Kim spent time and effort separating them all ready for the solution to be applied. A perming lotion was applied to the roots of the lashes only, to assist them in staying in the position they were in. Whilst perming sets the lashes in a curling form around a rod, LVL offers a different (and much better) method of pulling the lashes up towards your brows. After 10 minutes of the perming lotion being on, a setting lotion was applied for a further 5 minutes. After this, my eye area was cleansed and these are the results……

LVL Lashes - KoKo Beauty Spa

I love them! I don’t need mascara and they look very natural. I will be having this treatment ever 6-8 weeks for sure!

I highly recommend this salon – having tried many over the years, this one has really stood out to me in terms of range of treatments, staff, interior and the entire experience.

You can visit their site to see pics of the beautiful salon and the extensive range of treatments:

Sarah x

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