Luxury coconut scented hairbrush by Denman

I have just been sent a bag of goodies from Denman…the only hairbrush brand in my opinion! I was given my first Denman hairbrush (the paddle style) when I was 18 over 10 years ago now, and it made my hair so silky, fresh and very shiny that I haven’t bought another brand since!

I use the comb on wet hair to detangle, the barrel brush to provide volume and movement and the classic styling brushes to refresh throughout the day (and to tame my fringe which is going through a growing out phase).

Denman kindly sent me two additions to their newest range this week, one of which was a coconut scented wooden brush. Click here to view and buy online. I will defo be purchasing this for my friends…under £10 is more than worth it as the quality is outstanding and you can be sure to have the brush years down the line and it still be in good condition.

I used this brush for the first time this morning. As I blow dried my hair with the brush, it lightly scented my hair with a gorgrous fresh, summery smell. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Hair fragrance sprays tend to wear off by lunchtime, yet over 12 hours later I can promise you my hair still smells of coconut! Lush.

I can’t rave about this new product enough…have you tried it yet?

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