Question of the month: Acne


I used the Lumie Clear as part of a 12 week trial. The aim of the trial is to gain a glowing, clear complexion and ultimately cure the hormonal acne I have suffered with .

Halfway through the trial, I was contacted by a girl named Nina via Facebook. Nina had seen my videos on and wanted some advice about acne, skincare and of course the amazing new product from Lumie.

Nina now uses the Lumie Clear product and I caught up with her last week to talk about her skin, symptoms and what she finds helps.

Hi Nina, can you please introduce yourself so we can get to know a little bit about you?

Hi everyone im Nina, im 16 and have had acne for over 3 years now. My skin is quite strange, in the sense that i dont have that many actual spots (at the moment) but have these sort of red bumpy dots all over both cheeks, forehead and chin. I have started a new school this september and i didnt settle in straight away, this caused my skin to get really bad again (it had improved when i was on holiday in the summer), i think it was a mixture of the stress of school and increase on makeup. Im studying Biology, business studies, photography and psychology and i am plnning to study biology at university.

How long have you suffered from acne?

I can’t exactly remeber when my skin got realy bad, but i started off with a few spots here and there, the marks never really faded making my face look blotchy and disgusting. But i think i have suffered from actual acne for just over 3 years now, although it seems like forever if im honest! Both my older brothers had bad skin, so i was expecting it, but being a girl and being a person who cares what others think of them, i am really stuggling with my confidence and self esteem.

How does your acne make you feel?

Horrible! Acne has really affected my confidence and self esteem. When i dont wear much makeup at school i will walk around looking at the floor with my head down, also in lessons, i usually ask quite a few questions, however if my skins bad i keep them to myself because i dont wnt to draw attention to myself. Sometimes i dont go out because my skin makes me feel so ugly and its sods law that most of my friends have amazing skin!


What treatments have you tried so far?

EVERYTHING! i have been to see my doctor more times than i can remember and have been prescribed lots of pills and creams and gels. These include contraceptive pills (Dianette and yasmin), zindaclin gel, betamethasone valerate cream, acnamino capsules, various antibiotics and more.  The doctor also set up an appointment with a dermatologist who gave me Retin A (which made my skin really red, dry and irritated) and my doctor has now booked another appointment with the dermatologist. These medical treatments may have made a few minor differences, but nothing significant. I also wasted time and money in chinese medicine, which made no difference. My mum has bought so many expensive acne treatments and skin care products from stores like Boots. I went through a phase on constantly googleing and researching any home remedies or skincare tips.


Where did you hear about Lumie Clear?

I saw an advert in LOOK magazine, anything to do with treating acne always catches my eye, so i looked up the website and did some research. i also looked up some videos on youtube and at the time i was looking there was only about 3, however now theres many more!

How did SLStevo help you?

One of the very earliest Lumie Clear videos was one of SLStevo’s, which i found really usful  because she seemed to be very honest and complementary and critical where needs be. Her blogs also helped me because they were detailed and informitive.

Will you continue to check SLStevo’s blog and video diaries until her trial is up?

I will continue to use Lumie Clear because i undertand the results are slow and require time. And of course check this blog out! I am very interested to compare SLStevo’s Lumie Clear journey with my own and once i watched her first youtube video i was hooked and was genuinly intreiged to she how she got on with the product. I also picked up some usful tips, for exmaple i was initially doing a 15 minute treatment on my whole face, doing around 5 minutes on each cheek and a couple of minutes on my chin and forhead, however after rewatching her second video i learned that Lumie advised consumers to treat the problem areas with 15 minutes on each area- a tip which should definately speed up the process for me!  I would advise anyone considering buying Lumie Clear to watch all SLStevo’s videos and do as much research on the product as possible- which is what i did.


Would you recommend using light therapy to others?

It’s difficult to say without hearing each persons own story and skin problem, however acne made me desperate to find any cure or preventitive. Although expensive, I knew if i didnt buy Lumie Clear there would have always been a voice in my head saying that Lumie could have worked wonders for skin. I have had the product for nearly 4 weeks now and dont regret buying it, i havent seen any major improvements yet, but people have told me my skin is getting better, i would also advise buyers to take a photo of there own skin every week, therefore you have an honest comparison each week and you can judge for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and you found it useful. If anyone has any questions, please leave them by clicking on the comments link.

Thanks :-)

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