L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

My hair is naturally darkest of browns, but in the summer months has a tendency to go somewhat auburn in the sunlight…which I hate! I don’t like damaging my hair so never use permanent hair colours, and even when I have salon semi-perms (at quite an expense) I find the auburn shine through in a matter of weeks. So, I turned to home hair colouring and have never looked back!

After lots of researching and hours umming and ahhing in Boots! I decided to try the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss. This costs under a tenner (and depends where you buy it from, if there are any promotions etc) and lasts 6-8 weeks – although I find it to last much, much longer.

I of course took the patch test first – so many ugly stories on people having reactions – by applying a small dot behind my ear. All was fine days later so I applied the dye one evening at home. Here are the contents of the box…

As far as application goes, the packaging and instructions made it really simple. I spread loads of vaseline all over my face and neck before because I know how dye can splatter everywhere and especially with the colour being jet black!

My hair is fairly long so I had to apply in quite a few sections, but only needed one box and had enough at the end of the application to smoother in for extra lather. I was a bit naughtly and left it about 5 mins more than you should just to ensure the colour was strong – probably wouldn’t advise this straight away I gradually did this after using the product for about a year.

The results were gorgeous….a black with so much shine and a glimmer of blue in the light. I love it! My hair is in great condition and I now use it every few months for a pick me up.

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