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After a) being sent a goodie bag from my absolute favourite make-up brand, Benefit and b) being on a bit of a low, feeling pasty and run down I decided a trip to the Benefit counter at Debenhams in The White Rose was needed!

I met a lovely, patient, helpful young lady at the counter and told her all about how I used to fake tan alot but am now adopting the pale look, yet need some help in adjusting my make-up colour palette as a result.

The Sugarbomb powder was recommended. She tried this on me and boom….my skin was glowing, rosey and natural in a few sweeps!

The powder comes in the same style handy box as other famous powders such as Hoola and Coralista.

There are four shades within the box, which all compliment each other. See the photo below…I would describe these as bronze, peach, pink and coral. All have a gorgeous subtle, gold shimmer to them.

So, I’ve seen this product many times before but skipped it as I thought Coralista and 10 powders that I owned were pretty similar. But I was wrong. This gives a softer, much more natural look that the other powders. Coralista suits tanned tones, but now I have pale, warm skin in contrast with my black hair, I needed this softer look.

I instantly looked less washed out and pasty. The powder comes with a real handy little brush too, meaning I can touch up at lunchtime and evening.

I apply this by sweeping a large brush over the entire box of powder and brushing it across my cheekbones, up to my temples. I then used the pink alone from the box, and applied to the apples of my cheeks for that healthy glow. Finally, to give my eyes a little uplift I added the bronze as an eyeshadow and the peach shimmer under my eyes.

This is such a versatile product that is going to live in my make-up bag, handbag and on my face throughout Autumn this year.

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