How to get your house looking & smelling good

This post is a little different to my historically beauty-led posts, but is very me so I wanted to share!

I am a clean freak. There’s nothing I like more (apart from make-up!) than cleaning my whole house on a Sunday afternoon ready for the week ahead.  I first discovered Zoflora at my place of work when I was making my breakfast one morning; there was a lovely flora scent and a bottle of the Rose Zoflora by the sink. I had a little look then set out on my hunt to find the stuff!

I buy mine from Poundland where they regularly have a variety of scents available. The first one I tried was Hyacinth and this is probably still my favourite. They recently launched a scent named Twilight Garden which has a lovely musky undertone topped off with ylang ylang, which is also very lovely. There’s not just floral fragrances too; they have lemon and other citrus scents which I am not a fan of but my mum is (since I got her hooked).

I wasn’t too sure what to do with it, so simply filled my sink with very hot water and added a few capfuls. I got my clothes on and grabbed a sponge and started cleaning all my kitchen surfaces. I was amazed how the faint stains on my cupboard doors miraculously disappeared and how squeaky clean everything looked with the lightest touch of this product. And the smell is so strong, I just love it! It lingers for a good 24 hours.

I use this to clean the following parts of my house:

  • Kitchen sink, worktops, cupboards inside and out and fridge
  • All vinyl floors
  • Doors and door handles
  • Bathroom sink and tiles, the bath (after using oils & fake tan), toilet, taps and shower
  • Bedside tables, makeup dresser and hair/make-up product bottles
  • Windowsills, skirting boards, radiators and light switches
  • Carpets, rugs, throws and cushions (gently wipe)

There are also lots of different ways you can use this, not just the way I use it in a bowl of hot water. Here are some usage tips for you:

  • Dilute 4 capfuls of Zoflora in a bucket of water when using a mop for your floors
  • Pour a neat capful down your kitchen or bathroom sink to eliminate odours
  • Add a capful to an empty spray bottle and top up with water as an air freshener
  • Empty 2 capfuls into the bottom of your household bin (empty) with boiling water and leave overnight to kill all bacteria and leave it smelling beautiful!
  • Spray on your doormat and carpets for freshness that lingers
  • Pour a few capfuls neat down your toilet to freshen it up and remove any water stains

This product is something I swear by as it gets rids of all nasty germs, cleans better than bleach and smells absolutely divine!

I hope you found this useful! x

1 Comment on How to get your house looking & smelling good

  1. Sarah Weir
    February 11, 2014 at 6:43 am (4 years ago)

    I bought this the other day as I sometimes find that other cleaning products have a very chemical smell and can set off my asthma.
    This had a lovely smell and left my home looking and smelling clean.
    Thank you for your recommendation, I am really pleased I read this blog x


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