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As most of you know by now, my hair is pretty important to me – just in a way that I always want it to look shiny and healthy, but hey who doesn’t. Finding the right hair products to deliver this is tricky and as a beauty blogger I must try about 3-5 new products per month; the bulk of them being a disappointment.

A haircare range that never disappoints me is L’Anza. The only downfall being the availability to buy offline (selected salons only) and the price range is on the higher end of the scale – but worth every penny I may add.

A few months ago, L’Anza launched a new range named Healing Nourish. The range contains a shampoo, conditioner and treatment spray and is aimed at those with thinning hair or those experiencing hair loss. Now, at the time I first used this my hair was already in great condition and was definitely not thinning – although I always have suffered with hair all over the floor and hairbrushes after washing and drying each day :/

I was instantly impressed with how ‘looked after’ and thick my hair felt. Usually, volumising products seem to coat the hair strands therefore making your hair feel a little heavy and not as clean as I would like.

A few weeks ago, I experienced quite a disaster at the hairdressers when I decided to take my naturally jet black hair and lighten all over to a chestnut brown. The hours worth of bleach left my hair horrifically weak and breaking at the slightest touch. Not only that, but the split ends were visible which was particularly upsetting for me!

I reached for this luxurious shampoo and conditioner due (which I may add now that I use L’Anza once a week as a luxury treatment rather than everyday; just because it feels so expensive and nourishing). My hair actually felt moisturised and almost like it was being wrapped up in cotton wool and taken care of, from the moment the shampoo lathered into my scalp.

I shampoo’d twice; once to get rid of the product build up and again to actually cleanse. The stimulating shampoo removes follicle-clogging sebum, residues and DHT and let me tell you, you really can feel this happening. The scent is not something I usually go for – it’s quite minty and very strong. However, it was something that didn’t put me off due to the fact that it felt so invigorating. Also, the scents didn’t stay in my hair once blow dried so they didn’t clash with my perfumes and other scents which are much softer.  The conditioner was next up and I applied it to the ends rubbing it in for a few minutes and finishing by massaging my scalp for 30 seconds. I rinsed and it felt squeaky clean. The conditioner works to deliver key nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth, so used over time will help my weakend hair and encourage growth.

After blow drying, my hair looked bouncy and shiny and exceptionally healthy – I was very impressed (as I always am with L’Anza products).

The range aims to deliver:

  • Anagen 7 System extends hair’s growth phase
  • Transdermal Delivery provides deep nourishment
  • Healing reduces hair loss
  • Treats all types of thinning hair
  • Drug-free formulas without negative side effects

And I can say it really does help the condition and growth of hair. Don’t be put off by the fact it is aimed to thinning hair and hair loss, as it produces great results on normal hair too; as I found out pre-hair disaster.

Another range by L’Anza highly recommended. My favourite range still has to be the Healing Volume range as it kept my hair thick without weighing it down after using it everyday.

The Healing Strength range pictured at the top of this post is by far the best haircare range I have ever tried. The serum softens hair and gives it volume and movement without weighing it down or making the hair look greasy which all other hair serums I have tried do.

Have you tried any L’Anza products? What is your fave?


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