HealGel Body Review

After falling in love with the HealGel Face product last year which instantly erased dark spots and hard to diminish spots, I was over the moon when the brand asked me to review their latest addition – HealGel Body.

HealGel Body

Similar to the other range of products (which you can view here), this lightweight gel offers a soothing and repairing treatment, gently enough for daily use.

The product comes in an easy to use tube, which is better to apply than a pump as this is for use over large surface areas.

The scent is fairly strong when first applied and offers a fresh citrus aroma. Citrus isn’t one of my preferred scents, I much prefer rose or vanilla, but after I applied my deodrant and perfume the scent descended to the background.

The texture is a clear gel which is nice to apply to the skin after showering. It is easy to sink into the skin without too much rubbing or massaging in, so is great when I am in a rush.

It contains arnica and madecassoside liposomes for troubled skin. Now, although my face suffers deeply with blemishes, I am lucky enough to have very clear skin on my body. However, in summer I am susceptible to those annoying bumps on my chest and arms probably due to overheating. I thought this product would be perfect to test on this area, and it delivered nothing but excellence.

I applied a fairly generous layer to my neck, shoulders and chest in the morning, and by the next day the spots had miraculously disappeared. This may be due to the Salicylic Acid present in the product, but I have tried Salicylic Acid on it’s own and found it drying, so teamed with an array of moisturising ingredients, the HealGel Body works a treat for me.

It also helped the days after being in the sun, on the slight skin creases I have appeared to acquire with age – it seems to just iron them out!

I haven’t applied this on any other areas of my body, apart from my arms some mornings when I have felt extra dry. It is such an impressive moisturiser as it doesn’t clog pores which many others do, and generates truly glowing skin within a matter of hours.

Another amazing, must have product from HealGel. Keep ‘em coming :)

Which is your favourite HealGel product?

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