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My skin has been troublesome for about two months now. I ordinarily had smooth, clear glowing skin but since coming off the pill I have so many spots. They are mainly appearing on my chin and jaw line, which is apparently hormone related.

I’ve used the Eve Lom skincare routine for over 10 years, but even this hasn’t been helping. I have been smothering my skin in their Dynaspot – a cream very similar to calamine lotion with lavender, tea tree and other essential oils that usually zip those zits straight away.

Unsure where to turn, I started looking into Liz Earle because of all the awards they had won, and the fact that their cleanser was similar to Eve Lom and I am hooked on the hot cloth ritual as it makes me feel totally cleansed and refreshed. It was before pay day so I didn’t have any money to spend (bills are getting too high with it getting colder boo hoo!) so I tweeted them saying I would love to try it. They replied the same day saying they would love to give me the opportunity to try it – whether this was just good luck or the fact that they liked my blog who knows, but a great result for me I thought ;-)

I was so impressed when it arrived, the packing was so well presented and wrapped perfectly. They also sent me a recent newsletter and a few leaflets on their products and guides on how to use the Cleanse & Polish. I couldn’t wait to try it!

My usual make-up for a day at work consists of Revlon Colorstay foundation (which sets to the face really strongly and is hard to shift), waterproof mascara by Maybelline and Revlon Colorstay black liquid eyeliner – so all in all, pretty permanent make-up! I applied the product to dry skin and massaged it in all over my face and eyes. It seemed to sink straight into my skin – much like a moisturiser and to be honest didn’t feel like it was lifting my make-up off. This may be because I am used to Eve Lom which is like an oily gel consistency and sits on your skin as you massage off. I got my hot cloth very hot and started rubbing the make-up off my face. When I looked in the mirror my eye make-up hadn’t quite come off and I didn’t feel totally cleansed. So, I went through the process all over again. Once finished, my skin felt perfect – clean, fresh and very alert and rejuvenated.

Two days in and my skin felt really dry and tight at times. I asked my contact at Liz Earle for some advice, and was sent a deep cleansing mask, skin boost toner and a moisturiser for normal/combination skin.

For the past three days and nights I have cleansed, toned and moisturised and can already notice a huge difference.  My angry looking bumps and pimples diminished the moment I used the deep cleansing mask, so I plan to use this twice a week until my skin clears.

I do tend to use the C&P twice to get my skin ultra clean; but this probably isn’t necessary and is due to me having OCD about cleanliness and the fact that I use make-up that’s set to last over 12 hours!

So, a week or so into this new skincare routine I can say I am very impressed and plan to extend my collection. I really need an eye cream of some sorts now to get rid of dark circles and the horrid little lines i’m getting! Boo to almost being 30!

Have you tried this range? What did you think of the Cleanse & Polish product? Let me know by commenting below.

2 Comments on Give Liz Earle a whirl!

  1. JoJo
    September 11, 2010 at 9:45 am (8 years ago)

    i’ve used this for years now it’s amazing…how did you find the toner? i’d love to try this…

    • slstevo
      October 4, 2010 at 5:35 pm (8 years ago)

      Hi JoJo, initially I loved the toner, but after a few weeks it caused me to break out so I may need to try another toner from the range.


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