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After my recent wardrobe Spring clean out, I threw out the old and brought in the new. My lingerie collection is huge because I truly believe in how the correct underwear changes how clothes sit on you. I discovered quite a few of my bras didn’t quite fit right, so invested in a new style – balcony. This style is perfect for my shape as it gives a subtle uplift rather than a squeezing plunge.

I then got to thinking how my body is now starting to change now I am in my 30s. Luckily, I am naturally slim but I do have womanly curves. I still love my body (although of course there are areas I am not 100% with) but think it’s sad how so many women don’t.

New Look recently carried out a survey on 2,000 UK women and the results weren’t too shocking but made me wish how us girls thought differently. There’s so much in the press and social media about being slim, and although there are many articles about the beauty of curves, we are still led to believe stick thin is the way to be. Here are some stats that stood out to me…

  • A third of the correspondents liked curvy figures best
  • 95% of the women would change something about their bodies
  • 17% would change their waistline
  • 14% would change their boobs
  • 11% would change their legs

I can understand that 95% of women want to change something about their bodies, but I would be happier if it was ‘the small bumps on my arms’ rather than ‘to be skinny’. I’ve never been stick thin and I wouldn’t want to be; boobs, hips and bums are sexy and I wish more ladies would believe that and embrace what they have. Almost 20% want to change their waistline, which I assume is to be smaller, but there’s so much more to looks than your body. Make the most of what you have, ensure your skin is glowing and your hair soft and flowing and you dress well – that’s all you need for body confidence.

Kelly Brook is a confident woman, who loves showing off her curves. She’s an advocate for loving the skin you’re in. Her lingerie range for New Look is beautiful, and because I love it so much I am happy to share with you a 20% off code valid 14th – 20th March.

Shop Kelly Brook’s lingerie range quickly before the code runs out – and remember to stay body confident. Always.



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