Gel Nails at Home

Did you know it’s now cheap and easy to create salon nails at home? A couple of years ago I bought a Rio gel UV nail kit from Argos for about £70 (which is still in perfect working condition) and have been created beautiful nails at home ever since.

Previously, I visited nail salons every fortnight for infills and new sets costing me at least £25 a pop…I simply couldn’t afford to do this any more after coming out of a break-up empty handed! So when I saw the Rio kit I thought it was worth a shot. It comes with a DVD tutorial which is super easy to follow, and I was brushing on gel overlays to perfection in no time.

The kits contains a 9 watt UV lamp which is really light and portable (great for visiting my family and doing their nails for them!), 100 white nail tips, a grit file, sanding block and 3 nail buffers, some nail clippers, a hoof stick, nail primer to help strip your nails of natural oils pre-application (helps the gel adhere and stay longer), some cuticle oil to apply afterwards, nail glue for applying the tips, two large pots of UV gel (one pink, one clear) and finishing wipe to remove traces of gel after you’ve been under the UV lamp. The actual gel pots have only just run out for me and I use a lot! So you can safely say this kit will last you two years – in fact longer, as I’m still using the equipment and only had to re-purchase the gels.

About once every 5/6 weeks, I strip my nails bare and remove all oils ready for a full application. The whole process takes me 1-2 hours but then I can forget about having to file or paint my nails for weeks! I’m left with a gorgeous shine and strong nails.

Sometimes I apply tips, but mainly I apply a clear gel (x 3 layers) over my natural nail simply to strengthen, create shine and help them grow.

Why not try it at home and save yourself a small fortune?!

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