Fake Up FTW!

Fake Up

So, I have been feeling rather rotten for the last few weeks with a kidney infection which left me really run down and full of cold towards the back end of last week – just as Benefit were due in town!

Benefit are hosting more and more blogger events which is great but they’re not often in Yorkshire, so I was excited to receive an invitation to the launch of their new hydrating concealer ‘Fake Up’ at Malmaison, Leeds on Friday 8th March.

I had struggled all day at work and all I wanted was my bed, but I was so excited to hear about the new products and see the Benefit girls again (love Lisa and was great to meet Racheal!). I arrived at 6pm but felt so poorly that I was in my car an hour later. However, that was enough time to put some faces to names (Remie, I was so pleased to meet you at last!) and learn all about their latest product innovation.

As you all know, I am a huge and loyal Benefit Cosmetics fan. As far as their foundations and concealers go, I have had mixed experiences however. I loved their no discontinued Non-Fiction foundation as the high coverage, long lasting formula was perfect for me and I swear by Lemon Aid eye colour corrector/primer and Bo-Ing concealer, yet haven’t as yet made their Oxygen Wow foundation work for me (looks great initially, but for me wears off and doesn’t provide heavy enough coverage). I always love a new concealer though so when I started to hear about Fake Up on Twitter I was eager to try it.

The concealer comes in three shades just like Bo-ing (light, medium and deep) in a neat, sleek silver tube and us beauty bloggers were lucky enough to be provided with all three to test – despite Lisa colour matching us. Lisa showed us how we can use all three shades to create the Kim K countouring effect. This was something I was really keen on trying, yet after using the concealer under my eyes for a few days now, I may just use this technique on the odd occasion as the formula is quite moisturising and may be too heavy for my acne-prone skin.

Having a cold and looking absolutely worn out, was the perfect opportunity for me to try this concealer out. Even though I looked mega pasty, the light shade when I first tried that out, was appearing a little grey so I opted for the medium shade which seems to have a slight peachy tone so lifts the area for me. I apply this before foundation as it’s so moisturising I want the ingrediants of vitamin E and apple seed extract to sink into my skin. It really does help the appearance of dark circles, but what I liked most about it was 1) how easy it was to apply (it felt like a gel) and 2) how hydrating it was under the eyes – I wasn’t left with an creases and it didn’t form in my fine lines – perfect!

The most unique element of this product, like nothing I have seen before, is that the product is mainly a conditioning balm with only a small part of the concealer visible in the core. At first I was concerned that there wasn’t enough concealer, but as soon as you glide the product on you get a great amount of coverage surrounded by soft and smoothing balm – everything mixes together and the finish is just gorgeous!

So, all in all I would recommend this and will defo be re-purchasing when it runs out. I will try the contouring effect with the deep and light shades but as the product is so moisturising will only try this from time to time rather than as a daily look through fear of growing blemishes! Also, if you do choose to use this on your eyelids it may slip a little as mine did when I tried it yesterday on its own – great coverage and effect but creased after an hour or so and I had to keep rubbing / blending the product in. If you apply over the entire eye area I would just suggest applying powder and eyeshadows on top of the eyelid as this will keep the product in place.

Another great job by Benefit – I imagine many brands will follow with similar product formulas in the coming weeks…

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