Dr. Marten prescribed for me!

I’ve been feeling under the weather, but am now much, much happier after winning a Cloggs competition.

I had £100 to play with and it literally took me weeks to decide what to order with my voucher. I had always fancied a pair of Dr Martens but never felt brave enough! They are quite bold and I think they tend to give off a ‘goth’ vibe and I always felt they wouldn’t really go with my girly style. So, I toyed between Uggs, Dr Martens and other great brands on Cloggs until Christmas was fast approaching and I had to make a decision (I wanted something stylish to keep me warm in the snow).

I had it down to a brand at least…Dr Martens; and two different styles! The original boots in 1B60 – black, with 20 lace-ups and a striking design; or case in grey which offered a more modern look that was very me. I decided to be brave and go for something a little different…the 1B60′s were ordered.

They arrived really quickly (I cannot rate Cloggs enough; their site, service, prices and aftercare – all amazing) and came in a huge Dr Martens box! They were very big, very black and very shiny! I was too shy to try them on in the office when they arrived, so I waited until I got home!

I was a little unsure of them to begin with, mainly because I go for dainty or on-trend footwear, but as I wandered around the house in them, I slowly fell in love! I tried them on with dresses I owned, skinny jeans, shorts…they really do go with everything! And the best thing, is the comfort. I walked in these all day later that week and my feet weren’t a little bit sore.

Here’s a piccie of me wearing them with black winter tights and a little skirt before heading into town one Saturday…

Dr Marten Boots

How do you wear your Dr Martens?

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