Bobbi Brown DOES stay put all day

Black Ink - Bobbi Brown Longwear EyelinerAs any of you who regularly read my blog and watch my You Tube videos, I am constantly on the look out for eyeliners and eyeshadows that last all day long – no smudging or fading.

I recently reviewed Benefit’s Magic Ink which has been great and a product I have been using everyday…until now! One evening, I was flicking through my latest copy of Look magazine when I saw a full page ad for Bobbi Brown. It caught my attention as the models eye make-up was flawless and looked totally different to anything else i’d seen advertised lately. It was natural but really dramatic with thick black eyeliner and a soft eyeshadow shade. I started to tweet BB asking questions about their eyeliner, and after an hour or so decided I wanted to try it on my next shopping trip in Leeds.


My first stop was Harvey Nichols but they didn’t stock it. I eventually found a counter at House of Fraser. I was impressed by the layout of the counter and gorgeous slick packaging. The ladies were really helpful and not too pushy.


The only product I had ever tried previously from BB was their shimmer brick, which I adored about 6 years ago. It’s one of the products I loved yet for some reason hadn’t re-purchased. I started looking through their range of longwear gel eyeliners, and was so impressed with the colour range – you normally expect to see black, brown and maybe a green or grey, but BB had a huge range including golds, metallics, purple and various shades of browns, blacks and blues. I had to try their deepest black (black ink) initially. I tried it on the back of my hand and liked what I saw – an intense colour that wouldn’t budge…as much as I tried! The sales lady suggested I bought the specific brush but at £22 I wasn’t so sure….I have a thin eyeliner brush at home and that is doing the job just perfect.


Just above the eyeliners, sat a row of longwear eyeshadows; also in a lush range of colours. I tried a couple on the back of my hand and liked how creamy they were. After about a minute they set to a slighty dryer texture and would seriously not come off! I had to try some of their make-up remover and wipes to get rid of the swatches! Naturally, I was impressed by this so I bought one to try. I opted for ‘stone’ which is almost a concealer type colour. I wanted to try something natural but not the pink or nude shades I usually wear each day.


So, the best part of shopping came….me getting home, grabbing a drink and unpacking my goodies! I took my eye make-up off so I could start to apply the new products. I applied the longwear eyeshadow with a normal eyeshadow brush. I only needed a little and it smeared on my eyelids very easily. It did try quite quickly though so make sure you’re fairly quick about the application. Then I got my eyeliner brush and gently loaded it with the gel eyeliner. It doesn’t feel very gel like or watery at all, it is very soft though upon application.


I found this the easiest eyeliner to apply! The liner glides on so smoothly and didn’t ‘catch’ on any stray eyelashes or dry areas of your eyelids. I managed to apply in one swoop without any mistakes. It can be layered up if you want to acheive a thicker, fuller line or add a swoop or flick towards the end of the day!


The proper test was a normal day and evening at work. So, I applied both products at about 07:30am….I checked on the products at lunchtime and I was shocked to see nothing had moved or faded; not one little bit! Surely there would be some fade or movement at the end of my day at 6pm? Nope. Not a thing! My eye make-up looked so fresh, I didn’t need to apply it for the rest of the evening on my way out.


I am so impressed! I love these longwear products. I now have the eyeliners in Black Ink (darkest black) and Expresso Ink (a deep brown) and the eyeshadows in Stone (a yellow based skin tone) and Gold Stone (a metallic gold, with stone undertones).


These will be my new pay day treats! Loving BB! x

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