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Well, it’s the New Year and although my mind and body feel refreshed and eager to start a positive 2011, my eyes are telling a different story! I don’t know about you, but I look shattered! Maybe it’s the first week back at work thing?

I’m not too worried though….my boyfriend loves me no matter how I look (thankfully) and I have Benefit Cosmetics by my side to conceal and correct!

My 3 saviour products that I recommend for the New Year (actually, I use these all year round!) are Lemon Aid, Skinny Jeans Eye Cream Colour and High Brow highlighter.

I first tried Lemon Aid when I was about 20 years old – just because it was new, looked different to anything else on the market and of course because it was a Benefit product!! For everyday at work, I don’t wear eyeshadow just simple black liquid eyeliner (still dying to try the new ‘Magic Ink’) so Lemon Aid was perfect as a base and offered me a fresh look.

Most eyelids are naturally slightly discoloured; this yellow based cream brings them a new lease of life by freshening the entire eye area and providing either a nice, clear base for any eye make-up or a fresh, minimal look. I can’t rate this product enough. I use it everyday and have not been a day without it in over 10 years! The product lasts a long time; meaning I only ever need to purchase 2 a year which is great value. Once on, the product will last 12 hours. On occassion, in summer, the product creases if used alone – but this is easily fixed by simply smoothing over with a fingertip and viola the product looks fresh on!

I’ve recently discovered another great eye product from Benefit – High Brow. This is fantastic applied under the arch of your brows to lift the entire area. I wasn’t sure it would do what it promised, and even after applying and staring into a mirror I couldn’t see a huge difference. But when I stood away and saw my face in full from afar (and in photos) I could see such a transformation :-) My whole eye area looked lifted….that’s the only way I can describe it. TIP: I’ve also discovered a neat little trick with this product….apply this to the inner of your eye – above your lower lashes – and your eyes will appear whiter and brighter. This works much better than any white eyeliner. Just remember, if you’ve used this anywhere else, just give it a little wipe to make sure you’re not putting any nasties into/near your delicate peepers.

Finally, a sexy, simple product for your eyes – an eyeshadow in metallic, cream format that lasts, lasts, lasts! Skinny Jeans is my favourite…it’s such a complicated colour (a mix of grey, beige, silver, gold, green!) but offers the most simple and subtle look. You can apply as little or as much as you like and can create dramatic effects by applying lots of it – particularly to the lash lines.

If you visit my You Tube channel you will see tutorials on all of these x

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  1. Silvia
    January 9, 2011 at 2:26 pm (7 years ago)

    I´m such a big fan of the Benefit products ! Love them all, and you really helped me with the application of some of them with your Youtube videos, they´re great !
    You do it nice and simple :)
    Greetings from Spain again ! Your blog is sooo nice and complete


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