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It all started in December 2008 when I bought my first home. I’d spend years renting in Leeds with friends, and had a house purchase with my ex-fiance which ended when we did, so newly single and slightly daunted I opted to buy my own abode.

It was during the bank crisis where advice was flying towards me to not purchase, but I felt it was right; financially and emotionally. After a few weeks searching, I found a cute new build estate with a sweet maisonette that had just started to be built. 6 weeks later I was popping in regularly to view the progress, choosing the carpets, built-in wardrobes and appliances.

Here are a few pics during that time…

Lounge Build


Lounge BareBedroom BareKitchen BareBathroom Barehome decor #storyofyourhome bbloggers

After moving in on December 19th, I couldn’t wait to put my mark on the house. This was the first time I was able to truly make a house a home. Money was tight, but my patience was as lacking as ever. Luckily, I am great at finding bargains and knowing where to shop! You can read my post on revamping your rooms on a budget here.

The walls were magnolia, the doors and windows white and the carpets beige throughout – a perfect canvas to add my unique style. For the first 6 months I purchased essentials, so although the accessories were very ‘me’ I left the basis fairly plain until I had time and money to properly paint and decorate.

I wanted to have a theme for each room. I started with the lounge by painting one wall bright orange which looks enchanting in all seasons. I love woodlands, fur and comforting scenes, so month by month I started creating my own little forest based theme. Fur cushions, knitted throws and bark candles were everywhere…

#mystylemyhome interiors woodland fur forest candlesLounge PostersLounge After

I then decorated the main bathroom with a deep purple wall and fluffy brown towels, with lots of white gloss storage for the hundreds of beauty products I own!

Bathroom Collage

My En Suite took a different style as I wanted it to run with the same design as my bedroom; French Chic (& very girly!)…

En Suite

My favourite room is without a doubt my bedroom; the place where I relax and enjoy getting dressed up everyday. Here are a few pictures to show the colour scheme; I went for a pinky nude and pale grey combination and am not bored yet after 6 years!

Bedroom View Bedroom TV

Full dresser view

All my furniture is from Ikea and I have accessorised from B&M Stores and The Range. To add my own unique style throughout the house, I have added my own artwork on the walls as you can see in the bedroom shot above. Here’s a piece I painted for the lounge…

Lounge Art

I think it’s really important to reflect your personality in your home. It’s easily done, I mainly do so with colours but also by having the things I love on show…

Home of a blogger Hall Shoes Jackets Jewels on door Lounge FursI love my home…everyone who visits comments on how it depicts my style and individuality which is exactly what your home should do.

Enjoy your home, it’s your sanctuary.

Sunshine WindowBut don’t forget ladies…

Turn OffFor more inspirational home style stories visit http://www.hillarys.co.uk/inspiration/storyofyourhome/

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  1. Clare Mansell
    September 24, 2014 at 1:01 pm (4 years ago)

    Love that doormat – I think I need one too!


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