A misunderstood product

So, this is a post I have wanted to write for quite some time now, but have been too embarrassed. This product really is a must have for everyday and I promise once you try it you won’t look back. The product is Femfresh.

Femfresh has such a stigma attached to it; people assume the only girls that use this are those who have, shall we say, issues down there. This is simply not true! Let me start by telling you why I use this and how I discovered it…

In November 2007, I was diagnosed with a condition called interstitial cystitis after years and years of treating what I thought were reoccurring bladder infections. I was super sensitive in my lady parts and the ph balance was all over the place. I was advised to use this after my operation to soothe the area and avoid all perfumed shower gels and bath foams/oils.

Whilst I have never, fortunately, experienced any other problems in this area, I was impressed by how different I felt by using this everyday. I feel super fresh and clean all day and all night and the scent is so, so lovely. I now avoid soaps and shower gels to wash my intimate area and, fingers crossed, haven’t disturbed the ph balance since.

The product is so mild and is not limited to your lady area either; although advertised as such. There are times when my skin is really dry so I use this as an all over body wash and it is fantastic for washing your underarms – especially after shaving.

I even use this for washing my make up brushes each week! The formula is gentle yet enriched with natural ingredients to kill bacteria and protect against any irritation, so I figured if it’s safe enough to use in ‘that’ area then it’s certainly safe for my face. It cleans my brushes really well and leaves a subtle fragrance too.

There are a number of fragrances available – my favourite being the one with lily and frangipani as it smells divine and stays with you over 12 hours. There is also one containing cranberry, known for its protective properties.

The range also includes talc, wipes and deodorant for when you are on the go.

I’d love you girls to try it, if only for the gorgeous scent and for washing your make up brushes!

I will use mine for many things…but will continue to hide the bottle in my bathroom ;)

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